Who’s The Real Leo T. Ly?

Who's The Real Leo T. Ly?

Who's The Real Leo T. Ly?

Ever since I started blogging, I’ve often tried to share some non-financial information about me so that my readers can get to know the real person behind this blog. For my website, I have my standard bio at the end of each post, the about us page and the blogs page to tell people about me. However, those are the boring standard stuff that every blogger has and I wanted to do something fun and personal. There are quite a bit of stuff that I wanted to share, but I have been struggling to find a suitable concept to present it.


A couple of weeks ago, I came across a very unique “25 things for my 25th birthday” post from Erik at The Mastermind Within. I love the concept and I thought the post was personal, unique and fun. Since my birthday occurs in the same month as his and it was yesterday, I want to borrow this concept and share a laugh or two with my readers. Erik, I hope that you don’t mind that I use a similar concept for this post. Below is a little bit of info about Leo T. Ly that most people don’t know and you won’t see anywhere else. That’s right, exclusive info that you can’t find even on my social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. I hope that you find it interesting and fun to learn a thing or two about the author of this blog.


1) Yesterday, I celebrated my 25th birthday for the fifteenth time. Did you know that I stopped aging after 25? I borrowed this idea from a famous singer in Hong Kong named Alan Tam.

Riding A Bike

2) I was never taught how to ride a bike. I was able to ride my mom’s bike at the age of seven on my first try. Just put your feet on the pedal and try not to fall.


3) When I was in grade school, my dream was to become a Major League Baseball (MLB) pitcher because I had pretty good control of the ball when I pitched. That dream never realized as I never gotten the opportunity to play any organized baseball.


4) When I was in high school, my dream was to become an actor in Hollywood. I killed that dream after constantly hearing of divorce stories of Hollywood stars. Or maybe no one found me attractive – except for my wife.


5) When I was in university, my dream was to be my own boss and own a successful restaurant business. I decided that it’s better to do something else after learning that 60% of restaurants failed within the first three years of operation. These are terrible odds.

Leo's Dream Retirement

6) My dream retirement is to live on a waterfront property with lots of fish. I want to catch my dinner in the lake and grow my own produce in the garden.

7) My favourite pet is a dog. I’ve owned more than five dogs at various times in my life. My current dog’s name is Maxx. He’s a cross between and Jack Russell Terrier and a Chihuahua


8) I taught my dog, Maxx how to speak… in dog language. He barks when I say “Maxx speak.”


9) I am a terrible liar, so I choose to be blunt, straightforward and honest most of the time. However, you shouldn’t be putting too much trust in the things that I say as “everything that I said could be a lie.”


10) When growing up, my idol was Bruce Lee. I was an undersized kid and got picked on a lot when I was in school. I had always imagined myself as Bruce Lee and was able to defend myself whenever I was picked on, instead of getting my butt kicked.


11) I had been drunk only once in my life. Maybe twice, but I don’t remember.


12) One summer, when another kid at the school yard asked me what my name was so that he knows what to call me when we play baseball together. I told him that “my name is Leo.” From then on, I became known as Leo T. Ly


13) My favorite Ninja Turtle is Raphael, but I named myself after Leonardo. I thought Leo was a cooler name to go by.


14) I have a very high level of self-confidence and I believe that I can accomplish any goals that I set for myself. Some people may associate this behaviour with being egotistic, arrogant or snobbish. What other people think of me doesn’t bother me as my motto is: “if you don’t believe in yourself, then no one will believe in you.” Never stop believing in yourself. “If you think you can, then YOU definitely can.”

Leo The Lion

15) My astrology sign is Leo. When I wash a freshman in university, I was placed in a group with Leo (the lion) as the mascot. Is it a coincidence that I named myself Leo?


16) I am Chinese. I was born in Vietnam. I immigrated to Canada and became a Canadian. I aspire to retire in Hawaii as an American.


17) I planted 2 cherries, 2 apples, and 2 Asian pears trees in my backyard. With only six trees, I have two varieties of cherries, six varieties of apples and four varieties of Asian pears. Did I mention that I also planted blueberries and strawberries?


18) I never attended grade four. I started school in Vietnam and never finished grade three. Once I arrived in Canada, I attended grade five and on.

Las Vegas

19) I have a winning record against Las Vegas. On my first trip to Vegas for my friend’s bachelor party three years ago, I won enough money to pay for my trip and came home with extra money in my pocket. 1 for Leo, 0 for Vegas.


20) I love to watch NFL football. My favorite player is the one and only Payton Manning. I wrote a guest post on Mustard Seed Money titled, Achieving Financial Freedom Is Like Building Your Superbowl Winning Team It also, pains me to correctly predicted that the Patriot won Super Bowl 52 because I am not a Patriot fan.


21) When I was born, my birthday was recorded in the lunar calendar, which calculates dates according to the rotation of the moon around the Earth. However, the modern world uses the solar calendar, which calculates the rotation of the Earth around the sun. So when I obtained my id, the lunar calendar date was recorded without making the adjustments. Hence, this birthday is not really in June, but it’s in July. Are you confused yet? Me too.

Delivering Flyers

22) My first job, I made 5 bucks per hour delivering flyers door to door in the grueling summer heat for a take out restaurant. That experience made me realize that I need to find better ways to make money and have my money work harder than me.


23) In 2016, my last dollar earned was being taxed at a rate of 43.41%. However, after some tax planning, deductions and claims, I paid an overall tax rate of only 13.0% based on my gross income. Best of all, I got a big fat refund check after filing my taxes. I know that some of you would say that I gave the government a free loan. However, some of the actions that I took to minimize my taxes have to be done on an ongoing basis and it’s difficult for me to lower the tax withholding ahead fo time. As long as I have more money in my pocket, a short-term loan to the government is not an issue.


24) I once gave my phone number to a girl in high school in the form of algebra equations. I still haven’t solved the mystery of why I never received a call from her.

Leo's Favourite Popsicle

25) My favorite summer treat is a banana flavour popsicle. I believe that a really smart girl stole my heart when she offered me half of her banana flavour popsicle years ago. I can’t believe that I got picked up and fell for half of a popsicle. I need higher standards.


26) Bonus. Originally, I was about to end at 25, but I just remember that I am obsessed with the number 26. So I added one to make it 26. Why is 26 my favourite number? I was born on the 26th day on sun calendar. Now you know.


I hope that you enjoyed this post and got to know the real Leo T. Ly behind this blog a little better. It’s not one of the most original posts, I must admit, but I had a lot of fun with sharing some of my personal information with you. If anyone has any questions that he/she is dying to ask me, you can ask it in the comment. Don’t be shy.


Leo T. Ly, Canadian Personal Finance Blogger/Enthusiast and a Realtor Living in the Markam, Ontario, CanadaAbout Leo
I am a Canadian personal finance blogger/enthusiast and a Realtor living in Markham, Ontario, Canada. I built a net worth of a million dollars over a ten year period. I did it by being a disciplined saver, taking advantage of income tax rules and borrowing money to invest rather than for consumption. I am often excited to take advantage of free money from employers and governments in addition to building more passive income sources. After accumulating my first million dollars, I am now embarking on a second journey towards achieving financial independence. On this journey, I will strive to increase my net worth to two million dollars and retire by the age of 48 - Freedom 48. Come along and follow my journey on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google Plus.

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    1. @Matt, nothing beats free beer, watching the game and having more money in your pocket after the game is done. If we stay away from sin city, I think we will definitely keep our perfect streak alive.

  1. @Leo, an interesting 26. On points 14 & 16 respectively – absolutely nothing wrong with being vainglorious, it can turn people off to the point that ‘they won’t trust you’, but who cares about other people say or think about folks that are success driven, no matter who or what gets in their way. On point 16, do tell us how is it possible in your case for a Canadian citizen to live in the US as an American citizen

    1. @John, the self-confident thing is just something within me. I only use it to help me be better at what I do as I have seen too many capable people with the intelligent to do something, but has no courage to act. As for retiring as an American, I don’t think it’s that hard. My sister went to the states quite a few years back and now she’s living in America. There are also dual citizenship. All else fails, I can always be a snowbird and fly south for a couple of months during the winter.

  2. Quite a few fun personal facts- very interesting!. My daughter taught herself how to ride a bike too. The difference in calendars is interesting for birthdays. I totally don’t get how they figure that out! It was fun to get to know you.

    1. @Laurie, if there are people who are able to calculate how long it takes the earth to orbit around the sun, I don’t think it’s that hard to calculate the difference between two calendars. I am just glad that I found out what my birthdays were for both calendars.

    1. @PassiveCanadianIncome, Vegas is definitely a fun place to go. You’ve got to go to sin city at least once in your life. You are also a mind reader. I often drink Coors light. Recently, I am more into Ricard’s Red now.

    1. @Christine, I am twenty five this year, and will remain twenty five for the rest of my life. Glad that you had a good laugh. We can’t be too serious all the time.

    1. @MSM, If I had to guess, I would say that math was not her favourite subject. She was in my French class. I am not sure if people would like to use this method to pickup girls as my success rate was not that stellar. Ironically, a girl was trying to pick me up when I was driving a car to a high school in my university days.

  3. Hi Leo, I love this post! It’s great to know more about you and your personal info! Maybe I should borrow this idea and do a post like this too. If I do, I will credit your blog 🙂

  4. lol, this made me laugh out loud and commiserate too! I am going to be celebrating my 25th birthday for the 15th time next February too! And I am not a good liar also. And I do love a banana Popsicle. It was great reading and learning more about you.
    Akamatra recently posted… Bathroom Renovation IdeasMy Profile

    1. @Akamatra, life is so stressful nowadays, I sometimes feels that I forgot how to have fun. I am glad that you got a good laugh with this post. Are you sure that banana Popsicle is your favourite and it’s not chocolate fudge?

    1. @Samantha, thanks for the birthday wish. The secret to staying young is to be happy, and laugh often. Be grateful for the things that you have and to treasure the great people around you.

    1. @Sondra, I feel that I can be an open book to anyone. I can share any of my personal information with anyone. If I can make people laugh, it’s a bonus.

  5. Aww I’m sad you chose not to go into the restaurant buisness… 60% may fail, but that’s 40% that succeed! And yea I wouldn’t have ever solved the algebra either! haha

    1. @Leah, there is a second part to this statistics. Of the 40% that survived, half of those are barely getting by or breaking even after five years. So, if you tally it up, it means 80% of the restaurant either make no money or lose money. It was quite difficult for me to not pursue this dream, but sometimes you have to take the route that gives you more chance to succeed.

  6. Happy Birthday greetings sent early to You! I’m glad to read a bit more about you and your personal reinvented narrative. Lol! 😂 So, your real name is not Leo? Hmmm. ❤

    1. @Elizabeth, thanks for the birthday wish. My updated name is actually Leo T. Ly as seen in my government issue id. My birth name became my middle name after I became known as Leo.

    1. @Jessica, it was quite difficult to choose Leo over Ralph. To think of it, I liked all four of the Ninja Turtles as I think I exhibit a bit of each of their personalities.
      Leo – the leadership quality
      Michelangelo – the goofiness
      Donatello – the creativeness
      Raphael – the no nonsense guy

    1. @David, I think that writing a poem would have be a better idea. However, and “ESL” poem may not have sounded very romantic if I had wrote it. I was still in ESL when I was in junior high.

    1. @Erik, you inspired this post. I really liked your post and it strike a note in my head that I gotta do one post like this. If you are trying to pick up a girl in the future, I would suggest something else rather than an algebra equation.

  7. Hi Leo! Pleasure to meet you. Cool post. Bruce Lee was a favorite of mine too but, because I had a crush on him. Oh, and I too love Raphael from the ninja turtles. You’re lucky with the bike. it took me a while to learn. I had training wheels and everything.

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