Service For Investors

Investors’ Challenges
In today’s tough economic environment, investors are facing many challenges when trying to earn a reasonable and stable return on their investments. Interest rates on GIC and government bonds pay you next to nothing after you adjusted your investment returns with the rate of inflation. The stock market is volatile and can be extremely risky if you lack the financial skills and knowledge. So how can we help? How about kick starting your real estate investment with an instant $5K return? Give us 5 minutes of your time and we can provide you with an initial return of $5K when we represent you to purchase your next investment property.

Our Mission
The isaved5k realtors’ goal is to provide an initial return on investment of at least $5K for every client that we represent. Usually, real estate investors are only provided with free service to locate and purchase their investment property when represented by non-isaved5k realtors. On the other hand, when real estate investors are represented by our isaved5k realtors, they will not only get an initial return on investment of $5K, they’ll receive our personally tried and tested investment property management system. We are the only team of realtors in Markham, Ontario and the GTA with the goal of providing investors with an initial return on investment of $5000 to start off their real estate investment and to guide our clients step-by-step on how to successfully manage their income properties.

Our Investor Services
For every isaved5k realtor, assisting our clients locate the ideal properties, analyze the income potentials, negotiate the purchase and assist our client to build a team of professionals to close the transaction is just the beginning. The after sales service that we provide to our client is just as valuable. Whether it’s your first or fifth investment property, we have a complete property management system that will ensure your investment property is manage effectively and efficiently. Our property management system includes the following:

  • Promotions: Advertising campaigns to screen and attract quality tenants
  • Financial Management: Easy to follow Excel templates to mange your expenses, rental revenues and cash flow
  • Operation Management: Step by step guide to manage your rental property’s operation and a checklist to ensure that your investment property conforms to the municipality’s by-laws
  • Risk Management: Methodologies to minimize the risk of financial lost

Have the isave5k Realtors Represent You
If you have any inquiries regarding our services for investors, reward program or real estate questions in general, feel free to contact us. The 5 minutes you spent can save you $5,000 or more.