About Us

Leo T. Ly, Real Estate Agent in the Markam and GTA areaHi! My name is Leo T. Ly and I am the founder of isaved5K. I am a real estate sales representative with Homelife Excelsior Realty Inc. Brokerage. I am a resident of Markham, Ontario and provide services to buyers, sellers and investors in the GTA area. My field of specialization in the real estate profession is in the low rise principle residential homes when I started my career. In recent years, I have expanded my services to the investment/rental properties market. With great success, I also became a real estate investor myself and developed my own investment property management guide. To learn more about my services and how I can save you at least $5000, browse the services for: buyers, sellers and investors page.


Why Did I Start isaved5K?

From a very young age, I was very money conscious, not because I was well endowed or I had great financial management skills. It was quite the opposite. I had to earn most of the things that I own. As time goes by, I started to develop a saving mindset (in another word, you can say that I am pretty thrifty). Most of the time, I would do a lot of tasks myself to save some money, whether it’s mowing the lawn, painting the house, putting interlocks on the driveway or renovating the kitchen. I usually only buy things when they are on sale. Heck, I can’t even remember the last time I paid regular price for my clothes. So how is this saving mindset related to my real estate service? This answer is simple: for the majority of people, their home will be their most expensive/valuable asset, so the potential saving on their home’s transaction is the greatest. If my goal is to help people save money, then why not start with something that has the most potential? And that was the founding principle for isave5K’s inception.


Educational Background

I graduated from the University of Waterloo with an Honours Mathematics and Business Administration degree. For the people that knew me, they knew that I was a numbers guy with a business-oriented mindset. So obtaining a Mathematics and Business Administration degree was a perfect fit for my natural ability and entrepreneur spirit. During my studies, I also developed a passion for marketing and loved the idea of promoting products and services that I personally use it myself. As a real estate agent, I can finally incorporate what I leaned in school with what I am good at while doing what I love to do.


My Career

Before I pursue my career as a real estate agent, I had another career in the financial industry. I spent more than 12 years working for three of the five major banks in Canada. Just like most of the average Joes working in the financial industry, I spent years in the rat race and tried to climb the corporate ladder to reach my goals of being a people manager and making a six figure income. I reached those goals a few years ago and felt quite successful in my own right. However, there were two major elements missing from work life: challenge and creativity for my work. So I decided to challenge myself and become a real estate agent with a passion is to save his client money. Hopefully, my creativity and enthusiasm will allow me to assist others in realizing their home ownership dream.