Service For Buyers

Buyers’ Challenges
With house prices dramatically increasing over the last couple of years in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), it’s becoming very challenging for buyers to purchase their dream home. Requirements to qualify for a mortgage had become stricter, down payment amounts increased and closing costs skyrocketed if you are buying a home in Toronto as buyers are required to pay land transfer taxes for both Toronto and the Province of Ontario. For example, if you purchased a home in Toronto for $800,000, then your Toronto land transfer tax is $11,809.75 and your Ontario land transfer tax is $12,475.00, a total of $24,284.75. The worst part is? Buyers can’t include this amount in their mortgage financing and will have to pay for it with their non-mortgage funds. So how can we help? Give us 5 minutes of your time and we can save you $5K when we represent you to purchase your dream home in the GTA.

Our Mission
The isaved5k realtors’ goal is to save at least $5,000 for our every buyer client that we represent. Often, non-isaved5k buyer clients are only getting free services from their buyers’ real estate agents when purchasing their dream home with non-isaved5k realtors. On the other hand, when buyer clients are represented by our isave5k realtors, they’ll not only get our unique and customized buyer’s service, we’ll reward them $5,000 for using our service. It’s plain and simple with no strings attached. We are the only real estate agents in Markham, Ontario and the GTA with the goal of directly putting $5K back in our buyer clients’ pockets.

Our Buyer Services
When it comes to purchasing their dream homes, most buyers get the impression that their real estate agent’s duty are to locate the properties, book the appointments for showing and negotiate the purchase when they want to purchase their dream home. While it’s sufficient for some experienced and savvy buyers, for isave5k buyers, we believe that every buyer client deserves the most comprehensive service available. We will ensure that every isaved5k buyer client gets a unique and customized buyer’s service package. When isaved5k realtors on-board their new buyer clients, we’ll work with our clients to complete a thorough pre-purchase review that includes the following:

  • Buyer’s Requirements: To ensure that our buyer client’s dream home requirements (location, square footage, bedrooms, washroom, garage, etc.) are in-lined with their purchasing budget and market conditions.
  • Financial Health: To ensure that our buyer clients are aware of any financial risks that come with purchasing their dream home given their current financial situation.
  • Buyer’s Team of Experts: To ensure that our buyer clients have the complete team of experts such as: mortgage specialist, home inspector, real estate lawyer, home insurance agent and renovation contractor to assist them when needed. We can assist our clients to find the missing team members if required.
  • Current Market Report: Based on our client’s requirements, we’ll conduct a thorough market research and provide a market data report to inform and assist our clients align their client’s expectation with the current market condition.
  • Saving Opportunities: We work with our clients to ensure that we maximize all the save opportunities and minimize the cost of buying their dream home.

Have The isave5k Realtors Represent You
If you have any inquiries regarding our services for buyers, reward program or real estate questions in general, feel free to contact us. The 5 minutes you spent can save you $5,000 or more.