Service For Sellers

Sellers’ Challenges
With the short supply of available listings in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), the real estate market had been tipping in favour of sellers in recent years. In some neighbourhoods, multiple offers were the norm for sellers. However, in the majority of cases, sellers are also buyers. So, most sellers will encounter all the challenges faced by current buyers with the added complication of selling their home on top of those buyer challenges. Unless you are very well-endowed, otherwise, like the average sellers, you will have a sizable mortgage in the hundreds of thousands. If sellers’ finances are not in ordered when selling their home, this issue can cost them thousands of dollars in fees and penalties. So how can we help? Give us 5 minutes of your time and we can save you $5K when we represent you to sell your home (and you’ll save even more if we also represent you to purchase your dream home).

Our Mission
The isaved5k realtors’ goal is to save at least $5,000 on their selling cost for our every seller client that we represent. If we also represent our seller clients to purchase their new home, they’ll save at least $10,000 from both transactions. It’s plain and simple with no strings attached. We are the only real estate agents in Markham, Ontario and the GTA with the goal of directly putting money back in our clients’ pockets.

Our Seller Services
When meeting with potential sellers, most non-isaved5k realtors will try to secure the listing by providing sellers with general information about their experiences in the local market, negotiation and advertising skills. For isaved5k realtors, we take a totally different approach to providing the most suitable service and guidance our sellers. Comparing to other realtor’s services, we’ll not only sell your house, but ultimately, we aim to save you the most money. So how’s our service different from other realtors? Below is a comprehensive list of services that we provide to all of our sellers:

  • Selling Decision Analysis: Based on the information provided by our sellers, we’ll analyze a few scenarios to assist our client to decide if selling their property is their best option. Sometimes, selling is not the best option for sellers and we’ll work with them to ensure that they have access to all the information to make an informed decision
  • Market Trend Analysis: We’ll provide reports of recently sold properties with features similar to the seller’s property. This comprehensive report will provide sellers with a good grasps of the market value of their property
  • Competition Research: We’ll provide market data reports of recently listed properties in their neighbourhood. Collaborating with sellers to price their properties competitively comparing to the inventory of listings in their neighbourhood. Competitively pricing their properties can attract the optimum number of potential buyers. While overpricing a property can have a detrimental affect on the sellers properties and may prevent the seller from maximizing their property’s value
  • Cash Flow Analysis: Quite often, sellers are also buyers. If that’s the case, we’ll assist sellers to manage their cash flow to ensure that they minimize their financial risk and unnecessary costs and fees
  • Preparation Tips: We’ll share with sellers the most effective ways to maximize their returns on the enhancement of their properties

Have The isave5k Realtors Represent You
If you have any inquiries regarding our services for sellers, reward program or real estate questions in general, feel free to contact us. The 5 minutes you spent can save you up to $10,000 or more.