Questionnaires For Realtors

When it comes to purchasing your home, it’s important that potential buyers go through a vigorous process to search for the most suitable Realtor that will be able to help them realize their dream of home ownership.  With thousands of registered real estate representatives out there, how can you differentiate the ideal Realtor from the average ones?  Well, you’ve come to the right place for starters.  The questionnaires below will allow you obtain sufficient information about your potential Realtors to make an informed decision to choose the one that meets your needs.

Q: Besides assisting with the real estate transaction, what additional service will you provide?
This question is designed to test your Realtor to see if he/she possesses any unique skills that will make him/her stand out from the rest of the crowd. When you are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions, don’t you want a Realtor who can do more than just showing you the potential properties, drafting and negotiating the purchase and sales contract, provide you with market data report, etc.? Demand more from your Realtor.

Q: If I went to an open house and fell in love with a property, which stretches my budget beyond my maximum limit, what can you do to ensure that I can buy that property?
The answer is to advise the client to stay disciplined and only to purchase what the client can afford. Going beyond the maximum budget puts the client’s finance at risk. You don’t want a Realtor that always says yes and agree to make everything happen for you without providing any recommendations to keep you grounded. If that’s the case, this Realtor is putting his/her interest to make a commission before your interests.

Q: Have you ever represented both the buyers and sellers?
a) If the answer is no, then the follow up question is, “what is your view on multiple representation?”
b) Otherwise the answer is yes, then the follow up question is, “How did you ensure that both the buyers’ and sellers’ goals were met?”
This question is designed to test the Realtor’s moral ethics and honesty. From a logical point of view, the buyers want to buy at the lowest possible price and the sellers want to sell at the highest possible price. These two parties are at the opposite end of the spectrum. There is absolutely no way that both the buyers’ and sellers’ goals can be satisfied when a single Realtor represents both parties in that transaction. If any Realtor can help his/her clients buy at the lowest price and sell at the highest price in the same transaction, then that Realtor must have exceptional logic defying skills or Pinocchio is helping with his/her responses.

Q: Have you ever terminated a working relationship with your clients?
a) If the answer is no, then the follow up question is, “under what circumstances will you terminate the working relationship?”
b) Otherwise the answer is yes, then then ask your Realtor the reason for terminating the working relationship.
This question should be simple. If you and your Realtor are not working like a cohesive team, then you should not be working together at all. When you are making such a large investment, you want to ensure that everyone on your team collaborate effectively to achieve your goals. If you are unhappy or unsatisfied with your Realtor’s service, should not have to be stuck with it.

Q: Is there any financial benefit to hiring you?
Another simple question. The realtor should be able to clearly provide you with straightforward answers if there are any. This question is designed to test your Realtor’s negotiation skills and to save you money. Wouldn’t you want to save $5,000 along with getting great services?