Why Choose Us?

With thousands of licensed Realtors in the GTA, there is definitely not a shortage of options for buyers and sellers to choose from. The abundant of choices can present a difficult challenge for buyers and sellers. How can you differentiate between the ethical, competent, knowledgeable and the less than stellar Realtors? The answer is simple, put them to the test. Our “Questionnaires For Realtors” resource page will provide you with a list of questionnaires to assist you to choose the right Realtor to work with you. Our recommendation is to meet with at least three Realtors before you decide to choose one. To kick off your search, below are a few reasons to choose us:

  • Our primary goal is to save our clients money when we represent them to buy or sell their properties
    We want to be your trusted advisors. We’ll try to put ourselves in your shoes. Hence, we will only recommend an option to you when we are willing to take that option ourselves if we’re in your position
  • We’ll be your guide throughout your buying (and selling) journey. Not only will we provide you with relevant information or in-dept analysis every step of the way, we’ll ensure that your risk of financial lost is mitigated if there are any
  • We have personal experience in both buying and selling a variety of properties. We were once first time buyers and sellers, bought new constructions, upgraded our principle residence a couple of times and we also own investment properties ourselves
  • Our high standards and uncompromising stand against unethical practices. For example, some listing agents are willfully blinded by the prospect of gaining a new listing, they will agree to any of the seller’s demand to list the seller’s property at hundreds of thousands of dollars above the market value of comparable properties. The two likely results are: One, the property will be sitting on the market for months and if it’s sold, it’ll be for significantly less than the asking price, or two, the listing is cancelled due to a lack of interest or mostly low-ball offers that will offend the seller.